H.E.N.S is coming

Celebrating 5 years of living room music

An evening of Harsh Evil Nonadjusted Sounds presents:

aderlating NL
from the fields NL
raxil 4 UK
Goor and decay of the western world UK

The Gates : open at 19:00.
The Mayhem : starts at 19:30
The Damage : 10,00 EURO

These will be the last living room performances for 2015.

But in 2016 we will return, starting with the H.A.N.S. festival.
Next week the lineup will be revealed.


Beware, H.E.N.S. is coming!

November 21st is going to be your last chance in 2015 to celebrate 5 years of living room music                               with us. H.E.N.S is going to be the darkest of all house shows we did so far!

HENS flyer 2015

But you know there’s no light without darkness, therefor in 2016 we will bring you a full blown festival

at De Reggehof theater in Goor. This will mark the official highlight of the 5 year anniversary of H.A.N.S.

We hope to welcome you again as well those brave enough to give it a try!


|| H.A.N.S ||


B/\RST & TREHA SEKTORI gave us something to remember! This was a night of exceptional beauty and a highlight in 5 years of Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds. We were honored in having these wonderful artists in our small and intimate living room. The ones who were there know, the ones who were not there missed a sonic mass by two exceptional artists. The ‘vocal’ set of Treha Sektori was impresive in every way right untill the end. B/\RST took the ‘stage’ as he promised, “I like to play loud!”. His performance started like a breeze turning into a thunderstorm making it so intense. There was no way escaping it (as if we would).

We would like to thank our faithful audience and B/\RST and TREHA SEKTORI for adding a new chapter to our living room series.

This concludes living room concert XX & XXI.

Hans van der Velden

Up next:
21-11-2015, the evil twin H.E.N.S.
27-02-2016. H.A.N.S. festival with Poteau Mitan, Dirk Serries, Modelbau (Frans de Waard) Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt) N + [ B O L T ] plus
more t.b.a.

foto van Hans van der Velden.
foto van Hans van der Velden.


Aanstaande zaterdag een avond met twee uitzonderlijke artiesten.  Wij presenteren B/\rst en Treha Sektori  (Church of Ra) in Goor. Een avond die je niet wil  missen.

T R E H A   S E K T O R I

Ah Keresth de Sohne. Demeh Sorh Kahenah.

[Above the Sun, There are not burning glances anymore]

Formed in 2005, by the idea of feeling absence, falling towards the Sun. To express through instinctive language. and silent odes. It’s like something

falling…Treha Sektori means «the place where they fall». Like a fall having a sensation of rising.

Something physical but unreal. To develop a music based on breathes, the break of those breathes, the deconstruction, the descent.

Meditative but broken.Treha Sektori is led by an instinctive language. The one that came from anger, prayers, trances…

When your mother tongueis faded away. This language comes with the music. A sound for a sensation.

Treha Sektori is the project of Dehn Sora, also a member of Sembler Deah (Fr/Be), and graphic designer.


– DEMEH.SORH.KAHENA (Self released cdr dvd box/ 2006)

– SORIEH (Kaosthetik Records / 2009)

– SYNDROME «Floating Veins» (appearance on «Cloth» / Consouling Sounds / 2011)

– ENDESSIAH (Cyclic Law / 2012)

– SEVERH SEHEHN (Cyclic Law / 2014)

– split with AMENRA (Consouling Sounds / 2014)

– CHURCH OF RA Remixes (Consouling Sounds / 2014)







B/\RST (Bart de Smet)

B/\RST is the moniker of Bart Desmet, a man who has played in several bands over the course of the years. However, it wasn’t until he pursued his solo output that he finally felt like coming home. B/\RST is basically just a man and his guitar. Don’t expect any singer/songwriter music though. B/\RST wants to break out of the prescriptive and normative song structures, and tears down the walls between all sorts of genres, inviting the listener to create its own imaginary worlds. For this, B/\RST relies on a vast array of pedals, synths, samplers, drone tracks, drum computers and effects. He may be just a man and a guitar, but his sound is spatial and even orchestral. In fact, his work has been described as a one-man transcendental atmospheric black shoegaze math noise drone orchestra. Rather a mouthful, yet very much right on the mark. B/\RST truly soaks up all kinds of genres and musical styles, and shapes it in his own distinct and unique sound scapes. His practice is constantly evolving, and takes on many different, often, surprising forms. B/\RST’s quest is to produce some sort of transcendental aural art, in which he tries to materialize the immaterial. To reach this, he’s constantly interweaving his sounds with visuals and imagery. In time he even wants to incorporate things like taste and smell, truly ending up with a gesamtkunst that encompasses all senses.

B/\RST’s quest started with the release of a limited tape on Consouling Sounds. The tape was released on Record Store Day 2015, and coincided with a double bill with Treha Sektori. This was no coincidence. B/\RST teamed up with Treha Sektori and RM74 to write a stunning collaborative album – which is due for release on the Garden of Drones festival mid August. In the mean time, B/\RST has played live on several occasions, and has some great projects lined up – including a residency at the Brussels Gallery “Artlab Szenne” from 29/7 till 2/8. 2015 will surely be a year where B/\RST will leave his traces. (by Mike Keirsbilck)

tickets € 10,00

doors: 19:30 hr.