living room concert part VI & VII

[bolt] part VI

As always spring is the season for new and exciting things.

Spring is also the season that makes it worthwhile to come to Goor. Most of you know the drill by now.

We open our home to you and provide you the music that hopefully will touch your soul and will lead you astray for sure!

So why should this spring be different than the last one?

April 6th we would like to present to you:

[ b o l t ]


This is how they describe themselves:

abstracted. ambient. deep. drone.

experimental. hauling. low. noise. opaque.

ponderous. repetitious. slow. tenebrous.

And who are we to disagree?


And as always all good things come in pairs.

We have a little suprise for you.

StringStrang (Nld)

StringStrang part VII

We met Jan Kees Helms in Antwerpen. At first we thought he was just a music lover like us (we shared the same bus after the release show of the 2nd 3 seconds of air album). But he turned out to be an artist and musician. StringStrang is his musical and visual project in which resonating guitar strings in combination with field-recordings edited by different effects are the main ingredients of a drony world.

StringStrang part VII

And after all this is the world we like to emerge ourselves in……deeper & deeper…

If you want to be part of an evening of Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds you know what to do!

Hope to see you April 6!

Hans & Mieke

First come, First serve, € 10,00 will do.


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