Continental Wasps

Continental Wasps.

Aidan Baker & Jakob Thiesen (who also plays drums in Whisper Room) will be heading out on a short EU tour in a couple weeks. Here are the dates:

Jan 31 – Karlsruhe, DE @ Halle14 Feb 01 – Bulle, CH @ Centre Cultural Ebullition Feb 02 – Basel, CH @ Kaskoklang Feb 04 – Esslingen, DE @ Komma Feb 05 – Brussels, BE @ Magasin4 – also with OvO Feb 06 – Rouen, FR @ Le 3 Pièces Feb 07 – Liège, BE @ La Zone Feb 08 – Goor, NL @ Living Room Concerts Feb 09 – Berlin, DE @ Ackerstadt – also with Crystal Shipsss Feb 10 – Berlin, DE @ Madame Claude (JT solo set only)

Berlin Poster

This tour will be in support of a forthcoming limited cassette release, CNTNTL, on Broken Spine Productions and Whisper Room‘s second album, The Cruelest Month, forthcoming from Consouling Sounds.

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