The wind that shook the Barley….

Saturday 05:28 AM, the alarm clock woke me up from a very short sleep. Something about “barley and the wind that blew” kept repeating in my head. Slightly disoriented I rose from my bed. My mouth was dry and my head was buzzing. One too many glasses of red wine I guess. I made myself a solemn promise not to drink too much during living room concerts anymore knowing that’ll I break this promise at the first opportunity I get! I think some of you will recognize this and have been breaking their own promises on too many occasions as well.

But, what the hell it was all for a very good cause.

Downstairs I heard the muffled sounds of another person waking at this ungodly hour. Immediately the buzzing in my head made way for different kind of buzz. One you might compare with a drug induced sensation. Call it a high if you like or call it an addiction for all I care.

Yes, you caught me red-handed, I admit I am a junkie, I am guilty of organizing living room concerts and enjoying it to the MAX. The response of you “the audience” and them “the artists” has been so overwhelming that it would be stupid to deny all of the above.

The person I heard stumbling in our living room was Timothy C. Holehouse who, as myself, was coping with the side effects of the superb musical evening before. He started talking almost immediately and the lack of sleep vanished like snow before the sun. I made him breakfast and while we were drinking coffee I realized that doing these living room shows is by far the best thing we have come up with.

Tim Holehouse laid his drone project TCH to rest in a way we admire and respect. Every journey starts with the first step knowing that at one moment in time a last step is inevitable. What great honor has bestowed upon us being witness of the “final installment of TCH”. Thanks for sharing it with us once more!



Dotlights (Casper Rossing) a very talented young musician from Hengelo (just ‘round the corner) proved to be an outstanding and above all professional artist who put his name definitely on the map. His first release will be out this week (this will be a record you want to have). The kind words of Casper, just before his encore, are still ringing in my ears. Could it be that we inspired him to start performing? I bow my head in silence and accept the compliments knowing that he’ll have made it on his own for sure. His music moved us, the audience, as the “wind that shook the barley”. Gently waving us back and forth. Soft beats accompanying his mellow, almost laidback, guitar playing created an atmosphere you would like to immerse yourself in.


Timothy C. Holehouse plays them damn delta blues. Raw, uncut and he takes no prisoners. It is only fair to say that our regular audience was taking by surprise. Tim had such nice and interesting stories to tell. His music was a reflection of everything he had done and experienced during his days on the road. I especially like his song “Judy”. Considering the overall positive responses of our guests, we do not rule out programming this kind of artist for future living room concerts!! Tips anyone?

Tim HolehouseC03


Casper, Tim and you the audience! Thank you for making this evening one to remember. We will be back spring 2015, will YOU?

Saturday 06:25 AM, Mieke and I just said goodbye to one of the nicest persons we just met a day before. He had to catch the “Duinkerken” ferry at noon. We saw him drive off. Goor was not awake yet. There was just a small breeze.

The only thing we could think of was: “I’m just sitting in a field of barley and watching the wind blow”!


Hans & Mieke

An evening of Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds.

pics by Mikula Lüllwitz







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