B/\RST & TREHA SEKTORI gave us something to remember! This was a night of exceptional beauty and a highlight in 5 years of Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds. We were honored in having these wonderful artists in our small and intimate living room. The ones who were there know, the ones who were not there missed a sonic mass by two exceptional artists. The ‘vocal’ set of Treha Sektori was impresive in every way right untill the end. B/\RST took the ‘stage’ as he promised, “I like to play loud!”. His performance started like a breeze turning into a thunderstorm making it so intense. There was no way escaping it (as if we would).

We would like to thank our faithful audience and B/\RST and TREHA SEKTORI for adding a new chapter to our living room series.

This concludes living room concert XX & XXI.

Hans van der Velden

Up next:
21-11-2015, the evil twin H.E.N.S.
27-02-2016. H.A.N.S. festival with Poteau Mitan, Dirk Serries, Modelbau (Frans de Waard) Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt) N + [ B O L T ] plus
more t.b.a.

foto van Hans van der Velden.
foto van Hans van der Velden.

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