Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds

Numerous people have been asking me what this H.A.N.S thing is all about.

Well, let me tell you were it all started..

It started back in 2010 with Dirk Serries’ project Microphonics. I had met Dirk Serries a couple of times before, and he told me he had done some shows in living rooms. At that point, I thought “wow, how cool is that, having an artist playing at your home! Could I do something like this?” The idea somewhat moved to the back of my mind until the next time I met Dirk at one of his shows. I decided to ask him if he would be interested in doing a show in Goor! And much to my surprise he said “sure, if we can fit it into the upcoming tour!” That was almost 5 years ago. In these 5 years we were honored in having about 25 artists performing at our small and intimate living room. To us the whole living room concert experience is so rewarding in many ways. Friendships were build and we gained interest from around the world. The word was spreading! Suddenly artists were contacting us if they could play at our home or just stop by in between dates, venues or cities. Well you could imagine how this made us feel. We have always tried to offer our visitors a little stage for experimental music and in the meantime provide the artists a place to do what they do best; Play Music!

As you probably know, one thing lead to another and now we are only 4 weeks away from hosting our own Harmonics And Nonadaptive Festival at De Reggehof theater in Goor!

 So the next couple of weeks we will start posting music and videos of the artists who’ll be performing February 27th at the H.A.N.S festival. What better way to start with than with Dirk Serries, the man with whom it all started 5 years ago!

Get your tickets here.


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