the week after H.A.N.S


you were wondering why it took so long to post a reaction about the H.A.N.S festival  at De Reggehof last week. So am I. Since last week I have been struggling to find the right words to express my feelings. I’m not sure myself, but the first 2 days following the festival it looked like all inspiration vanished and I felt kind of sad.

At first, I thought I was disappointed because of the number of people that visited us in Goor. However, those who were there were so enthusiastic, this could not be the case. Then it struck me, it felt like an addict whose rush was over…. I did not want it to be over.

The weeks prior to the festival were so very busy for me. Preparing everything and sending out the last e-mails. I felt a tremendous positive energy building up to Saturday the 27th, H-day. And what a day it was. We could not be happier. Everything went smooth and by the book!

Mieke, Robin, Jamie and I had a wonderful day meeting all you nice people. Seeing all you artists and friend and listening to some beautiful and impressive music. This day is engraved in our hearts and minds forever.

We would like to thank the following;

Respect and thanks, Dirk Serries, Rutger Zuydervelt, Frans de Waard, Paolo Monti, George Mensink, Jan Kees Helms, B/\rst, Treha Sektori, N + [ BOLT ] and Patricia van de Camp.

A warm thank you to Ruut te Veldhuis and all at De Reggehof for letting us use this great venue (people are still talking about it). Thank you to all volunteers for helping out, we wouldn’t have pulled it off without you.

Thanks to Ric Brand for bringing us the amps on such short notice, much appreciated.

A huge thank you goes out to Jeanette Petrik and her crew from Food Loops Enschede for serving us the incredible food!

Thank you to all promoters who shared our posts on facebook, posters and flyers.

Hails go out to Axl, Jurre and Clemens for making it sound and look so damn good.

An extra special thanks to Pascal Nijenhuis for all his help, advice and all the time he put into this dream of us. You are friend, inspirer and a true professional.

Finally,  thanks to Mieke, Robin and Jamie for putting up with me. I know it has not always been easy for the three of you, especially the last few weeks.

And as they say “the first time is always the hardest!”

Love & Respect,





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