The Star Pillow & S A R R A M

An evening of Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds presents:

On 22nd of February the new Europe tour started in support of the tenth anniversary of                          The Star PillowFor this occasion The Star Pillow will be a duo with pianist Federico Gerini.

February 24 they will play @ H.A.N.S in Goor (NL)

tsp  Ω The Star Pillow Ω

fg  Ω Federico Gerini Ω

They will be touring together with with special act: S A R R A M , the new solo project of  Valerio Marras (Thank U for Smoking, Charun, SPHERES).

sarram  Ω S A R R A M Ω

They will play 12 days, 16 shows in no less than 6 countries.

Your presence is requested.

Tickets € 10,00, door open 19:30 hrs

|| H. A. N. S ||


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