H.A.N.S spring offensive part II

April 22

An evening of Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds presents:



DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician and curator based in Berlin, religiously devoted to drone. Drone is related to a precise childhood memory: the sound of the hair dryer, that her mother used to fix her hair. That was the sound of care, bliss, and infinite love. She made her debut as solo on Aug 22 2010, and performed several time in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Poland and in the US West Coast.

DuChamp uses different instruments (baritone guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, accordion) to find the closer one to the hair dryer she have in her memory. Her first album “NAR” with Diego Ferri, has been released in 2013 by Boring Machines. In 2015 she realease a split “Sculpture” with French sound artist Felicia Atkinson, through Idiosyncratics and “Nectere” a tape with artwork from Lara Schilling released through Full Body Massage records.


stringstrang (4)

StringStrang is a musical and visual project of the dutch artist Jan Kees Helms started in 2010. The music of StringStrang is created by resonating guitar strings in combination with field-recordings edited by sound-effects. The score of the music is a movie which will be screened during the concert. StringStrang is about repetition, atmosphere, harmony and contradictions. A mix of guitardrones, fieldrecordings and images will complete and counteract each other.

Jan Kees Helms plays solo aswell in cooperation with other artists like poet Alejandra Slutzky. Jan Kees Helms is a sound and visual artist based in The Netherlands. In the eighties he made music with others like Viviane Marc from France, Peter Versteeg and Andrea Sturkenboom. He made music and recorded his experimental musical journeys and released them at Lor Teeps. The tapelabel Lor Teeps cooperated with lot of other musicians in The Netherlands, but also worldwide. Lor Teeps released the first tape in 1983 with punkmusic of L’Oraagje. In 1987 Lor Teeps was more into the experimental tape-scene and released a lot of tapes.

Doors open : 20:00 hrs. || Tickets € 10,- pp.

H.A.N.S || Schoolstraat 87 || Goor


H.A.N.S spring offensive part I

April 8th.

An evening of Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds presents:

REAPPEN and A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm.

A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm is a one-man ambient/noise band from Eindhoven, founded by Mike Dobber. He breathes noise and has played in various bands that take loudness to the extreme. With AMSWDYNH, he mixes noise, ambient, neo-classical and drones by using various voice and sound recordings. He gives those the good old grinder treatment by manipulating them with various effect pedals. 

Mike Dobber door Karlijn de Groot

RAEPPEN: Sami influenced Shamanic drones using voice and percussion. This mixed with modern music technology to create hypnotic soundscapes… RAEPPEN is the work of a Nomadic travelling Shaman who travels the planet playing ritualistic drones. Not much is known of the Shaman but when the ritual is performed, the Shaman will use hypnotic rhythms to develop a trance like state to be at one with the spirit world.

raeppen promo 001

Doors open : 19:30 hrs. || Tickets € 10,- pp.

H.A.N.S || Schoolstraat 87 || Goor


The Star Pillow & S A R R A M

An evening of Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds presents:

On 22nd of February the new Europe tour started in support of the tenth anniversary of                          The Star PillowFor this occasion The Star Pillow will be a duo with pianist Federico Gerini.

February 24 they will play @ H.A.N.S in Goor (NL)

tsp  Ω The Star Pillow Ω

fg  Ω Federico Gerini Ω

They will be touring together with with special act: S A R R A M , the new solo project of  Valerio Marras (Thank U for Smoking, Charun, SPHERES).

sarram  Ω S A R R A M Ω

They will play 12 days, 16 shows in no less than 6 countries.

Your presence is requested.

Tickets € 10,00, door open 19:30 hrs

|| H. A. N. S ||

GuiGuiSuiSui & George Mensink

February 10 @ Schoolstraat 87 in Goor:

From China:

GUIGUISUISUI is a two piece journey into sound and performance. Man and woman, East and West, past and future, side by side blending electronic and 8-bit sounds with blues, rock, hip hop, doom, punk, noise, and ambient bliss while performing an avante garde opera featuring a number of characters: the zombie bluesman GUIGUISUISUI and immortal ninja SUSU; master of the dark arts KING NECRO and empress of the underworld PUMPKIN QUEEN; preacher and minister for the cult of greed LORD KAMEMAMEHA and high priestess of profit LADY CHAKRA. Meanwhile a journey through time and space plays out in the background through painstakingly detailed animations that explore the themes of life and death and rebirth. Simply put, GUIGUISUISUI is an experience.


From The Netherlands:

George Mensink (also known as Poteau Mitan).

George Mensink is al enige jaren bezig om onder de noemer het Donkse Oog de paden van de kracht van geluiden te exploreren. hij is vooral bekend door zijn drumwerk tijdens trancereizen, drumcirkels en het ritmisch begeleiden van volle maan ceremonies. daarnaast is hij ook bekend als de Dolende FluitSpeler die al fluitend door de natuur wandelt. Sinds kort heeft hij zich ook op de kracht van de gong gestort. wil je weten hoe dat klinkt.. kom dan 10 februari naar An Evening of Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds te Goor


Doors open at          : 19:30 hrs.

Start at                       : 20:30 hrs.

Price                          : € 10,00



|| 2 0 1 7 ||

2016 is coming to an end. Looking back it was a very good year.

The H.A.N.S festival, Orphax, Stratosphere, Vincent SlegersTim HolehouseFabian Maddison and Slack Bird.

2017 starts off with a series of interesting living room shows.

Guiguisuisui[鬼鬼祟祟]George MensinkTHE STAR PILLOW, Sarram, RAEPPEN and A million squeeks will do you no harm.

I want to thank my wife and kids for letting me, the artists for providing the music and our audience for finding us @ the Schoolstraat in Goor.

Thanks again and we hope you have a wonderful 2017. Hope to see you again soon!