H.A.N.S presents Veni Om & Dotlights

Zaterdag 26 mei zal Veni Om (Otto Kokke van Dead Neanderthals) naar Goor komen voor een avond Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds.

veni om 001
De meditatieve werken van Veni Om, beperkt tot minimale essentie, bevatteneen vredige en spirituele kracht die een pure, vreugdevolle, contemplatieve ervaring oproept. Gebaseerd op oosterse en westerse minimal en devotional tradities, creëertVeni Om een moment van persoonlijk, reflecterend bewustzijn binnen de turbulente dynamiek van het moderne bestaan.

Veni Om’s meditative songs, while stripped to essentials, contain a peaceful and transcendental power eliciting a pure, joyous, contemplative experience. Based within eastern and western minimal and devotional traditions, Veni Om sets to create a moment of personal, reflective consciousness within the turbulent dynamics of modern existence.


Deze avond zal ook Dotlights (Casper Rossing) nummers van zijn laatste release What If They’re Right and You’re Wrong spelen.

Dotlights is a guitarist turned laptop-producer from the netherlands. working from a small homestudio in a quiet town near the german border, he uses guitars, stompbox loopmachinery and sampled instruments to create minimalistic ambient bliss.

Kaartjes zijn € 10,00 pp.

Deuren open om 19:30 uur.

We starten om 20:00 uur.



H.A.N.S spring offensive part I

April 8th.

An evening of Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds presents:

REAPPEN and A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm.

A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm is a one-man ambient/noise band from Eindhoven, founded by Mike Dobber. He breathes noise and has played in various bands that take loudness to the extreme. With AMSWDYNH, he mixes noise, ambient, neo-classical and drones by using various voice and sound recordings. He gives those the good old grinder treatment by manipulating them with various effect pedals. 

Mike Dobber door Karlijn de Groot

RAEPPEN: Sami influenced Shamanic drones using voice and percussion. This mixed with modern music technology to create hypnotic soundscapes… RAEPPEN is the work of a Nomadic travelling Shaman who travels the planet playing ritualistic drones. Not much is known of the Shaman but when the ritual is performed, the Shaman will use hypnotic rhythms to develop a trance like state to be at one with the spirit world.

raeppen promo 001

Doors open : 19:30 hrs. || Tickets € 10,- pp.

H.A.N.S || Schoolstraat 87 || Goor


The Star Pillow & S A R R A M

An evening of Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds presents:

On 22nd of February the new Europe tour started in support of the tenth anniversary of                          The Star PillowFor this occasion The Star Pillow will be a duo with pianist Federico Gerini.

February 24 they will play @ H.A.N.S in Goor (NL)

tsp  Ω The Star Pillow Ω

fg  Ω Federico Gerini Ω

They will be touring together with with special act: S A R R A M , the new solo project of  Valerio Marras (Thank U for Smoking, Charun, SPHERES).

sarram  Ω S A R R A M Ω

They will play 12 days, 16 shows in no less than 6 countries.

Your presence is requested.

Tickets € 10,00, door open 19:30 hrs

|| H. A. N. S ||

GuiGuiSuiSui & George Mensink

February 10 @ Schoolstraat 87 in Goor:

From China:

GUIGUISUISUI is a two piece journey into sound and performance. Man and woman, East and West, past and future, side by side blending electronic and 8-bit sounds with blues, rock, hip hop, doom, punk, noise, and ambient bliss while performing an avante garde opera featuring a number of characters: the zombie bluesman GUIGUISUISUI and immortal ninja SUSU; master of the dark arts KING NECRO and empress of the underworld PUMPKIN QUEEN; preacher and minister for the cult of greed LORD KAMEMAMEHA and high priestess of profit LADY CHAKRA. Meanwhile a journey through time and space plays out in the background through painstakingly detailed animations that explore the themes of life and death and rebirth. Simply put, GUIGUISUISUI is an experience.


From The Netherlands:

George Mensink (also known as Poteau Mitan).

George Mensink is al enige jaren bezig om onder de noemer het Donkse Oog de paden van de kracht van geluiden te exploreren. hij is vooral bekend door zijn drumwerk tijdens trancereizen, drumcirkels en het ritmisch begeleiden van volle maan ceremonies. daarnaast is hij ook bekend als de Dolende FluitSpeler die al fluitend door de natuur wandelt. Sinds kort heeft hij zich ook op de kracht van de gong gestort. wil je weten hoe dat klinkt.. kom dan 10 februari naar An Evening of Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds te Goor


Doors open at          : 19:30 hrs.

Start at                       : 20:30 hrs.

Price                          : € 10,00



22 Oktober 2016. Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds presenteert

hallo muziekvrienden,

Na een geslaagde blues avond onder de walnotenboom is het deze keer de beurt aan 2 folk artiesten!

Nu hoor ik jullie denken “folkmuziek!” Ja, FOLK muziek! Soms moet je eens buiten de lijntjes kleuren, thinking outside the box… Op 22 oktober begroeten we 2 artiesten die het ‘net’ iets anders doen. Het – Nonadaptive – gedeelte in onze naam staat er natuurlijk niet voor niets. Deze keer weer gewoon in de oude  vertrouwde huiskamer. Je kunt je paraplu dus gewoon thuislaten. 

Op 22 oktober presenteert, Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds:

Fabian & Slackbird

Klik op onderstaande links om meer informatie over deze twee unieke artiesten te ontdekken.

Fabian Maddison

Slack Bird

We hopen jullie te zien op 22 oktober!



living room concert part XXVI & XXVII


This will be the first sign of life after the H.A.N.S festival in February.

May 28th we will host living concert part XXVI and XXVII with; Orphax and Stratosphere.

Orphax (NL).

Amsterdam based musician and trained drummer Sietse van Erve was introduced to electronic music in the early nineties. After playing around with tracker software, he eventually recorded his first music with beats and melodies in 1998, but soon lost interest in both. He started researching new sounds and new ways of working – always with an organic touch, including incorporating sounds that would be regarded by others as errors or mistakes, as life isn’t without errors either. Most of his work is improvised, using a laptop and random objects ranging from keyboards, plastic cups being played with a bow, to vocals. The result is an organic lo-fi form of drone and minimal music. Besides being organic most of the Orphax’s releases are melancholic and even sad. http://www.orphax.com/

Stratosphere (B).

“In the early 90’s stratosphere started experimenting with music. Using analog  tape devices combined with synth sounds, the first songs were created. After these first steps, audio recordings were added that complemented and defined the typical stratosphere feel. Spheric soundcapes with harmonic melodies became the signature sound of stratosphere. This resulted in a few releases in the next years together with some live performances. Feeding on these experiences, more acoustic instruments (including guitar) were added which created an even more harmonic sound.


We feel this will be an excellent start for 2016, and we’ve got more great artists lined up for you later this year (you can already mark July 8th on your calendar). Stay tuned.

orphax en stratosphere

Tickets as usual € 10,00 (including drinks)

Doors open 19:30 hrs. @ Schoolstraat 87, Goor

We hope to see you next week!